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SANA '15(CH - North Africa, SALW) *

Status: Completed
In January 2012, the Small Arms Survey initiated a three year research project on small arms and insecurity in Libya, North Africa, and the broader Middle East, named the Security Assessment in North Africa (SANA). The SANA is a multi-year project of the Small Arms Survey to support those engaged in building a more secure environment in North Africa and the Sahel-Sahara region. The project's overall objective is to provide evidence-based and reliable analysis on critical aspects of the proliferation of small arms, insecurity, and armed violence in the region. To achieve this goal, different activities are planned. Among the vast array of SANA project Outputs, Switzerland will finance (1) a regional Workshop in Tunis on curbing small arms and light weapons trafficking and addressing contraband and border insecurity; (2) a research on the threat posed by illicit guided light weapons in North Africa; (3) a research paper on the scale and modalities of the involvement of North African fighters in Syria and Iraq, and (4) the maintaining and further developing of the SANA website. (Partner: SAS, Security Assessment in North Africa)


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