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Status: Completed
UNODA aims to identify the arms-related component of the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters and armed non-state actors currently active in the African region by providing an assessment of the proliferation of arms and related materials. The project aims to promote comprehensive and coherent UN actions to implement Security Council resolution 2178 (2014) by preventing, combatting and resolving the acquisition of arms and ammunition by foreign terrorist fighters. Through its Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Africa (UNREC) capacity building and technical assistance programmes shall be developed in three countries in Central Africa and the Sahel to strengthen States‘ abilities to tackle the challenges posed by violent extremism caused by the acquisition of illicit weapons and use by terrorists. With this, international and regional cooperation to address the weapons element in the implementation of resolution 2178 (2014) in Africa shall be promoted. (Partner: UNREC/Prevent the acquisition of arms)


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