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Status: Completed
The overall goal of the project was to assist Burundi in complying with its obligations under Article 5 of the Mine Ban Treaty to destroy all antipersonnel mines in mined areas under its jurisdiction or control by the deadline of 1 April 2014. The objective of the project is to assist the Public Defence, specifically the Direction de l'Action Humanitaire contre les mines (DAHMI), to remove the risk from landmines and other explosive remnants of war, and release contaminated land back into productive use through survey and clearance of contaminated land around 66 electricity pylons and 22 ex-military positions in the provinces of Bujumbura Rural, Bubanza, Bururi and Makamba and any additional areas identified through the national workshop; as well as the seven zones identified as SHAs during the previous projects. During the last reporting period the MAG project team completed the Technical Survey (TS) in the provinces of Bururi and Makamba. While no AP mines were found in Bururi or in Bujumbura rural provinces, three mines were found in Bubanza province, and another three in Makamba. During the whole project six AP mines were found and destroy. Some key logistical challenges were encountered during the project; the first of these was flooding during the rainy season which restricted access to areas required to be surveyed. The second was Rukambasi, in Makamba province, in which one mine was found. Completing survey of the remaining suspected hazardous area (SHA) in Rukambasi proved to be onerous due to the difficult due to its remoteness and difficult terrain. Nevertheless these challenges were overcome and the Article 5 deadline was achieved. (Partner: Non-technical survey and clearance Burundi)


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