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Jordan IV

Objective: Finalise the capacity for national stockpile management through three Work Packages:
  1. Demilitarisation Centre (DC).
  2. Propellant Surveillance.
  3. Destruction and Recycling.
  1. Demilitarisation Centre (DC). The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) delivered the Gap Analysis on 3 December 2018 and will move in early 2019 to training and the drafting of quality process in Arabic. The Environmental Operating Procedures have been completed and the initial testing and monitoring regime as part of a system of Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) will commence.
  2. Propellant Surveillance. A Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued for the supply of three new explosive tests machines each relating to a NATO test standard. As no Jordanian distributor was found, this request has been reissued with new specification. An RFP was also issued to a BEL company for the supply to JAF of small quantities of explosive reference test chemicals.
  3. Destruction and Recycling. In November 2018 a contract was issued to a GBR company to provide site emergency training and an exercise. At JAF request this is now to take place 18-27 March 2019. The prepared Statement of Work for the demilitarisation and trial recycling was recently amended to reflect recent revisions to NATO AQAP. It will be launched according to the preparedness of the DC to respond.
An amendment to the project proposal to utilise additional contributions, subject to Lead Nation approval and subsequent EAA and FMA amendments, is in preparation.

Duration: The project was launched in September 2016 and started implementation in January 2018 with the expected duration of two years.


Project Info

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  • Lead Nation(s):
  • Executing Agent: NSPA
  • Status : Active
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September 2016 - Launch at PCSC(EAPC)
October 2017 - Implementing Agreement signed between NSPA and the Jordanian Armed Forces
November 2017 - Executing Agent Agreement signed
January 2018 - Implementation started

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